Uninstalling plug-in

Preferences → Install/Update → Uninstall or update software that is already installed → select some plug-ins → click Uninstall

Move a project's directory

Suppose you have a project 'project1' which is at path /home/XXX/workspace/project1/ and you want to move it to /home/XXX/workspace/group/project1/.

In order to avoid destroying the metadata of the project such as working sets and .project file, use the refactor function in the menu rather than deleting and recreating the project.

  1. Create the directory /home/XXX/workspace/group/.
  2. Use menu Windows > Views > Other > Navigator.
  3. Right click on the project of interest in the Navigator view.
  4. Choose refactor > move, and select the new path /home/XXX/workspace/group/, and click OK.

Change a CVS repository to use 'ext' connection method

By default a CVS repostiory created in Eclipse uses a non-standard connection method 'extssh'. To change an existing project to use 'ext' connection method,

  1. Window > Open Perspective > CVS Repository Exploring > add a CVS repository with same setup as the 'extssh' repository but this time specify 'ext' as connection method.

  2. Preferences > Team > CVS > Ext Connection Method > check 'Use another connection method type to connect', choose 'connection type' as 'extssh'.

  3. Open Window > View > Navigator, in the Navigator view, right click on the interested project, go to menu Properties > CVS > Change Sharing > choose the CVS repository with 'ext' connection method.

Using the same physical directory as projects in different workspaces

  • Git clone (or CVS check out) a version controlled project to a centralized location on one's computer.
  • In each Eclipse workspace that you need the repository or project, use the menu "File > Import... General: Existing Projects in Workspace" to import the repository, but point it to the directory prepared in the last step. Make sure the "copy projects into workspace" checkbox is unchecked.


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