Here is some notes about running forms:

The Pose Method running

  • as foot lands on ground, shoulder, hip and ankle are aligned to a straight line and sloped forward

  • lands on forefoot

Chi running

Aims at mechanical efficiency and injury-free.

  • postural alignment: align shoulder, hip and anckle to a straight line (posture line)

  • midfoot (full foot) landing under posture line

  • forward lean from relaxed ankles

  • heel lift via knee bend

  • arm swing to the rear

Kenyan elite runner Moses Mosop's running form in slow motion. (It seems sometimes his landing foot is in front of his hip horizontal position, but not sure if it's also in front of the overall center of gravity of the body.

Bare foot running

Just one key point: run barefoot and let it land naturally on forefoot instead of on heel. Wearing running shoes makes it comfort to land on heels and easy to injure yourself.


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